Residents of Kerns Township are permitted to use the Township of Hudson Landfill site for waste disposal, located on Twin Lakes Rd C.

Landfill Hours


Landfill Fees Effective May 3 2021.

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Description Fee/yard3
1. Garbage Bag (residential)* $                 2.00/bag
2. Residential/Commercial Garbage: Includes abandoned residential or commercial waste, either animal or vegetable, organic waste, wearing apparel, broken crockery and refuse of a similar nature, but shall not include metal, weighty or bulky articles such as large appliances, furniture, barrels, bed springs, furnaces or anything of a similar nature.**  $                   7.00
3. Metals/Bulky Waste: Items whose large size precludes or complicates handling by normal collection, procession or disposal methods such as furniture and appliances. Also, ferrous metal, aluminum, mixed metals, white goods and old vehicles.  $                   8.00
4. Unsorted Residential/Commercial Garbage and Metals/Bulky Waste – Recyclable materials not sorted from waste.  $                  15.00
5. Yard Waste: Includes clean wood, brush, yard and plant materials, suitable for composting purposes.                   No Fee
6. Non-Hazardous Waste: Includes clean fill  $                   8.00
7. Inorganic Earth Like Material: Includes reclaimed asphalt products, aggregate and soils free of chemical contaminants.  $                   9.00
8. Sorted Construction and Demolition Waste: Recyclable materials sorted from non recyclable materials.  $                  16.00
9. Unsorted Construction and Demolition Waste  

Recyclable materials not sorted from waste.

 $                  26.00
10. Contaminated Waste: Includes excavated soils containing organic or hydrocarbon contaminants at a level that is acceptable to the Ministry of the Environment for disposal at the Municipality’s Landfill Site.
Asbestos waste includes $100.00 flat rate, plus tipping fee.
 $                  50.00
11. Freon Containing Items***  $              75.00/item
12. Rubber Tires: Passenger Vehicle and Light, Truck Tires, Medium Truck Tires, Small and Medium Off-Road Tires.

Other size tires will not be accepted
Tires still on a rim will not be accepted
 $                5.00/tire


*   Residents charged $2/bag only when using more than their allocated bags/year

**  A ½ ton pickup truck is considered 2yd3

*** All appliances that use Freon must be certified as having the Freon removed and be so labelled by a qualified person.  Un-labelled appliances will not be accepted.