Public Notice(s)

Kerns Playground Project -Canada 150

The Township of Kerns erected new playground equipment at the baseball diamond as part of Renovations to the Community.

This project was supported by the Government of Canada through the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program.

Planning Fees (Severance)

Effective immediately, fees for a Severance (Consent Application) will be $1,400.00

Building Permits

Building permits are required for any new buildings, prefabricated structures, additions, renovations where structural changes are made, heating systems (wood stove, etc.), chimneys, ventilation systems, plumbing, demolitions, patio decks.

Please keep in mind you must obtain a building permit before you start any kind of construction. An extra fee will be charged to anyone starting construction before obtaining a building permit! You must complete an application for a building permit and pay your professional fee of $80.00 at the municipal office. The completed application will then be forwarded to our Chief Building Officer (CBO). The CBO was hired to issue building permits, perform inspections on site and answer questions relating to a construction project. For more information click here.

Dog By-Law 685

Dogs are not allowed to run at large. Be a good neighbour and remember that you are responsible for your dog's actions and damages caused by your dog.

Dead Stock Disposal

In Ontario, OMAFRA regulates the disposal of dead farm animals through the Dead Animal Disposal Act. Under the Act, farmers have 3 legal options for disposing of their dead stock:

  1. through a licensed dead stock collector;
  2. burial of the carcass under 2 feet of soil away from water sources; or
  3. composting of certain carcasses (small), under 2 feet of organic dry matter, in a properly designed composter.

Under the Act, farmers must dispose of their dead stock within 48 hours of death. Proper disposal is especially important to prevent the spread of disease, and to prevent environmental contamination. Where burial is used, it must be conducted in an environmentally responsible way to prevent contamination of surface and soil water as well as being deep enough to prevent predators and rodents from excavating the carcass.

Composting must be conducted properly to prevent odor, to prevent leaching of product into the soil or surface water and to provide a complete breakdown of the animal. If composting, sawdust is one of the best medium to fix with mortality @ 1 kg sawdust per 1 kg of mortality. Two fact sheets are available from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food to help producers with dead stock disposal:

  1. Proper Burial Techniques for Small Farm Animals and Poultry Mortality under 25 kg
  2. Agriculture Composting Basics

To obtain these forms, visit the Ministry of Agriculture's website at:


The Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program changed on January 1, 2017. The OWDCP provides financial assistance to owners who's livestock, poultry, and honey bees have been damaged or killed by wildlife. Owners must have a valid premises identification (PID) number for the farm property where the damage or kill occured and a Farm Business Registration Number (FBRN). For more information on the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program visit:


Since Kerns' is an agriculture setting, it is of utmost importance that animals be confined within their field/pasture. It is the owner's responsibility and duty to assure that all the fences around his fields are in flawless condition in order to keep his animals restrained within their pasture and not wander into the neighbour's field where crops are being cultivated. Animals running at large could be impounded and the owner is responsible for any costs involved, so make sure you confine your animals to your property.

Roadside Ditches

Roadside ditches perform primary functions such as collecting water to a sufficient outlet, and assist in winter snow clearing operations by providing snow storage below the elevation of the road surface. Roadside ditches are not a public utility! It is imperative that landowners and farmers do not plow too close to the roadside ditches when plowing their fields as it fills the roadside ditches and disrupts the function of the ditches as it is intended.

Bales of Hay and Straw

It is very important not to stockpile the bales of hay and straw too close to the road or under the power lines. These stockpiles are safety issues due to the reduced visibility and snow accumulation during the winter months. The Township is asking its residents to call the Roads Superintendent before piling any bales next to the road.


Under the Highway Traffic Act, Chap. H.8.181 cites the following: "no person shall deposit snow or ice on a roadway without permission in writing to do so from the Ministry or the road authority responsible for the maintenance of the road. R.S.O. 1980, c.198, s.157"

In simple words, do not push snow across the road; it is illegal!

Township Winter Mailbox Policy

The Township follows the following standard for mailbox maintenance and repair related to winter operations:

The Township of Kerns does not provide snow removal for rural mailboxes and cannot ensure access to mailboxes for mail delivery. If a rural mailbox and/or post are damaged by snow being discharged from the snowplow during snow removal operations, the Municipality is not negligent, and is not responsible for repairs.

If the mailbox and/or post is damaged by direct impact with the Municipality's snow removal equipment, the Municipality will repair the damage if possible, or replace the damaged items with a standard mailbox and/or post only.

Half Loads

Please be advised that we have a half load policy during the spring thawing season on all municipal roads. Please refrain from hauling heavy loads during that time. For more information, please call the Roads Department at 705-647-6322.

Milberta Church

The Milberta Church is presently unoccupied and power has been turned off in the building. However, the Kerns Volunteer Fire Department is presently using the building for fire practices. The council of the Township of Kerns have no immediate plans for the moment and everything is on hold.